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non medical is not advisable to read XD ~

assalamu'alaikum wbt to my dear zaujati .. my dear family .. and all my dear frenz.. today.. i would present myself as the lecturer ( mwahahaha.. perasan =-=" )

post kali ni just for fun... sebab kepala kusut dan tetiba nampak physiology nie terlampau best nak dibuat cerita XD

maka al kisah... pada tarikh 21 April 2010.. berlokasi di Perpustakaan Campus Lama... Jame' Ibrahim.. maka bermulalah kisah ini...

The Story of Two Princes in The Kingdom of CardioVascular System

once upon a time there was a kingdom called The Kingdom of Cardiovascular Regulatory Mechanism. The Kingdom own their own Panglima in the Kabinet of Circulatory Adjustment. The Panglima are The Panglima Cardiac Output, Panglima Arteriole and Panglima Vein =-="

In the very peaceful Kingdom , the Kingdom of CardioVascular has 2 Putera which are the Putera CIC and Putera Vasomotor.

Putera CIC comes from the queen of Medulla Oblongata from Kingdom of Brain Stem. This Putera CIC really hates the Kingdom of Cardiovascular, so he send many army of impulse to the King Cardiovascular by sending Captain Vagus. Captain Vagus know that Kingdom of Cardiovascular has backup from the Kingdom of Sympathetic by the aid of Captain Norepinephrine. Captain Vagus sends his influence to the Merchant SAN by sending the Acetylcholine Maiden to stop Captain Norepinephrine. So the plan work! and the Kingdomof Cardiovascular decrease in the chronotropic and inotropic

While on the other hand,

Putera Vasomotor comes from a nueron tribe of Vasomotor Area Village in the Queen Medulla Oblongata territory. Putera Vasomotor really love to help the Kingdom of CardioVascular by sending the sympathetic nueron in spinal cord ( what =-=" ) . Putera Vasomotor also aid by increase the chronotropic and inotropic of the Kingdom Cardiovascular at AV NODE village. Due to the help, Putera Vasomotor having war with Captain Vagus by using Bazooka Neuropeptide Y (NPY). Lastly, Putera Vasomotor doing the contriction on Bloody Army to increase the Peripheral Resistance and ABP. Therefore, during stress, the Bloody Army will move from less active to more active area

Day by day, weeks passing by, the atmosphere was not so calm as it was ruined. Yes ! by a havoc..

The Kingdom of Heart having an internal Kingdom problem. It was firstly come from the Giant Baroreceptor... This Giant lived at the wall of heart and blood vessel village. They have Major 'konco-konco' at carotid sinus and aortic arch and minor 'konco-konco'  at Right and Left atria and at the Gate of South and North Venae Cava and also the pulmonary vein... The minor 'konco-konco' were also name as "cardiopulmonary receptors" -.-

The konco-konco when being stretch at the area they lived, they will tell to Giant Baroreceptor. Giant Barorecptor will send an afferent fibers letter by aid of Captain Glossopharyngeal and Captain Vagus to Queen Medulla. When Giant Baroreptor sending more letters, it will inhibit the tonic discharge of Kingdom of Sympathetic and make Captain Vagus  more power! At last, the kingdom of heat has drop in the blood pressure , the cardiac output and slowing the kingdom ( bradycardia )

The second problem faced comes from this 2 brothers.. which were the Atrial Stretch Receptor Brothers.The big brother are named Type A and work during atrial systole. The second brother are named Type B and work during the atrial systole. Type B is good kid! His work increase when the Bloody Army volume increase and works at the Kingdom of Sympathetic to help the Kingdom of Heart

Type B work  to increase heart rate and VD to decrease the Peripheral Resistance to increased the venous capacity and also helping VD at afferent renal arterioles which increase the Bear of Glomerular Filtration Rate.
The bear loves water and frequently secrete urine =-=" haha

to be continued ( harapan la .. hahaha)... lalalalaala... saje je nak lepas tense kat Physiology XD

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